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Mechprojekt – we do not tangle but keep it simple!

Before we designed our own machines, we had carefully analysed the operation of mechanisms available on the market. We got to know their imperfections and learned to eliminate them. Now, we offer you to use more comfortable, more economical and more effective solutions.

All machines are designed in Autodesk Inventor. We prepare them using milling machines, lathes, lasers for burning sheet metal and CNC benders. The effect of our devices are granules of metals and plastics, and… your satisfaction.

We offer several proposals, which we describe below. See for yourself that their properties will help you work, making the whole process much more economical.

These are not all the machines sold by our company. We also offer, among other things, debarkers and duplex milling machines.

All the equipment is provided with one year warranty. Only Polish products – all elements and components. We provide post-warranty services for all of Europe. All prices are net prices.

All materials used in the production of our machines are examined and tested in practice, so that every customer is assured of a solid construction.

Do you want to know more about our cable recycling machines? Or maybe you have decided to buy one and want to meet? Call us or write an e-mail!