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We act zestfully and are independent. We produce machines to our designs. They will make recycle processes of cable and other waste easier.

Recycling is not only friendly to the environment but also of profit to parties that utilize waste. Why would you pay for copper or plastic granules, if you can get them with the help of specialized equipment? In a broader perspective, you will save a lot of money and time.

We support Polish companies and their development therefore we offer effective, reliable and precise:

We are not a distributor. We design and produce our own recycling machines. When compared to the competition, our products are more effective and more comfortable in use. They take less power and do not require frequent cleaning. Find more about the advantages of proposed solutions.

We provide warranty and post-warranty services. We produce our machines from Polish-origin elements only, but our devices are launched into the markets of the whole of Europe.

Feel free to contact us, get familiar with the offer, and ask a question at any time. Why not do it now!

Visit us to see and test our machines.